redc1c4 (redc1c4) wrote,

the end times are nigh?

that very well could be: as of this afternoon, i am officially a full time college student again, after a hiatus of way too long. i found an online program through a real ass, no kidding, accredited university here in SoCal, and it appears, after all the hemming & hawing, that i will finally have a degree in about 18 months.....  appropriately enough, it will be a BS.

i'd comment that the class load might cut back on my poasting here , but that might be hard to do, given how little i do poast to begin with.

since there aren't any online frats, i guess i'll pledge ADB, but since my ISP dropped all the alt newsgroups at the behest of the whore-monger AG from NY, i'll have to find an alternate route to alt.drunken.bastards..... that seems appropriate. %-)
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