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it's over: we won. get used to the idea.....

i know there's lots of you out there still stuck on "quagmire" or whatever other bullshit you've allowed yourself to be wedded to because of your untreated BDS and/or distorted world view, but the facts are blindingly obvious, no matter how painful that may be to you.

we beat Saddam and his army, and now, despite your best efforts, and theirs, we have beaten the insurgency. Iraq is a free and democratic country. sucks to be you..... it's USA FTW!
and, just to thoroughly piss you off, we pretty much owe it all to George Bush and the American Armed Forces, as discussed here: 

after all, had we listened to you, Code Pink, Murtha, the MSM,and everyone else that was part of the 5th column, we'd be running away with our tail between our legs again.   Juggy will have to find a way to fuck this up all on his own if you still wish to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

a hat tip to my fellow LGF lizard "Zombie" for the great idea, a thorough overview of why it's time to call it, located at:    and for hosting the iconic graphic below.

most of all, both a heartfelt thank you, and the acknowledgment of an un-payable debt of gratitude to all my fellow Soldiers as well as the Marines, Sailors and Airmen & women who have or are serving, and, most of all, to those who have been  wounded or killed during OIF/OEF as well as to all the families of Service personnel. i cannot speak for the country, but as far as this household is concerned, you all have the thanks of a grateful nation.

Scouts Out!

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