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well, maybe not, but i'm doing a one man Mardi Gras dance around the house and yard today:

i just got a call from CA OTAG, Retirement Division: i am now a proud member of the US Army Retired Reserve, and officially an old fart.

yup: my records are finally unfucked. for those of you who haven't been playing along, i spent 20 unusual years serving in the Army, mostly in the Guard here in the PRC (with a few years in the USAR)and was unceremoniously booted out a few years back, allegedly just shy of retirement eligibility.

i reached out to friends in low places, and secured copies of the records that they used to calculate things. comparing them to the OTAG paperw*rk showed an apparent error, which i finally got off my ass and wrote a letter about last week, addressed to the state CSM.

as CSM's are legendary for doing, when they want to, he got things done. it went in the mail last tuesday, and now, a week later, it's a done deal. i would have loved to have been there when it all went down. the look on his face alone when he read it would have been worth doing an AT for free.... well, almost worth that. AT's generally suck bowling balls through IV tubing tied up in knots and heat sealed at both ends, but still, his reaction was undoubtedly priceless, especially after they got my file out and looked at it. he too was likely wondering how an E-4 made it to 20 years, since that's impossible, according to regs........ %-)

of course, it didn't hurt that i am the letter writing son of a bitch from hell either.

and now, back to my beer drinking happy dance, already in progress.
after all, i'm retired: it's *always* 5 o'clock!

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