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on a good day, i'm a curmudgeon.

and i don't have too many good days.

those of you that know me personally will vouch for this in general.  i have a few friends i give a damn about, but in general, my opinion of mankind is shaped by my interactions with them.  needless to say, i'm a firm believer in birth control, regular or retroactive, hence the title of this "pathetic blog".

today, i got some really good personal news that had me almost upbeat for about 5 whole hours, until i opened some email from the local busy body.  now i'm contemplating restraining orders, lawsuits, press releases and waiting for certain local offices to open in the morning. no late night for me tonight.

and, instead of spending my big 5-0 in a haze of beer and tri-tip, i'm gonna be ass deep in assholes and local politics. 

thanks ever so much, you fucking fucks. when you're screaming "why?", know that you could have played "nice", but instead you wanted to play "assholes".

well, i'm an asshole's asshole when i want to be, and i have fuck all to lose over this issue, unlike you. we're gonna see just how much you like having sunlight being shown in on your little schemes.

see you in hell, scumbags: it's home field to me.


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