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"do not, repeat not, cross words with redc1c4, you can never win."

telling advice from Usenet, which the miserable fucks, neighborhood busy bodies and would be local political scum should have well heeded.

instead, they rammed through their vision for a piece of city property in my AO, AND had the fucking gall to propose a local tax district to pay for the rest of the shit they decided we should have. people tried to talk to them, but they didn't listen. in fact they actually threatened me for even trying to be involved with the project, and then tried to slander me behind my back when that didn't w*rk. they even forced an old friend to carry a veiled threat of litigation to me. i told her to pass back "so shut up and sue me."

well, fuck all you assholes and how does it feel to be my personal bitch? i fucking pwned all of you oh so "connected" movers and shakers. i wrote fliers in my inimitable style, and walked them to every house in the area, time and time again. i stirred up a quiet neighborhood in the best rabble-rouser style and it paid off this week.

the city conducted a straw poll to see if they should spend the money on a formal election about creating the assessment district, sending out ~550 ballots to area property owners.

the final tally has just been released:

total votes: 318

Yes: 67

Hell No: 251

so here's a final hearty "fuck you you fucking fucks" to all y'all, and now it's my turn. you should have stayed in your own turf and not bothered the bull but no, you wanted to play games.

well now you get to play "how far in will the horn go"? hope you enjoy it as much as i do.
Tags: local politics, pay back.

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