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Writer's Block: Obama drama

How do you think President Obama is doing so far? If you're an American citizen, would you vote the same way (whether for or against)? If you're not, what's your take on Obama's performance? Did his State of the Union address sway your opinion in any way?

Ear Leader is an utter and complete failure, unless the real goal of getting into office was to cripple and damage this country as much as possible during his term.

to all of you that were dumb enough to vote for the First Incompetent, i have only this to say: "I TOLD YOU SO!"

President Barney Fife has failed miserably in his primary duty in defending us against foreign enemies, as the recent islamic terrorist attacks in Arkansas and Texas and the near successful attack over Detroit showed. he's kissed the ass of every third world tin horn dictator he could find, and insulted our allies every chance he could.

his speech was epic in it's mediocrity, even for him. all it did was further prove, not that there was any doubt, that he is unfit for any office and any responsibility anywhere, regardless of how inconsequential that duty might actually be. if breathing wasn't autonomic, he'd like as not suffocate while he was trying to decide if he should inhale.

the one thing he *could* do that i'd actually agree with would be to order, ala Truman, the integration of gays into the military services, but he's too much of a coward to do that. he's gonna wait on Congress, which means it ain't happening. what a pussy.

in short, fuck him and the horseshit he rode in on.

(hey, you asked.... %-)
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