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open thread

for anyone wandering over from Little Green Footballs or elsewhere, now there's a place to leave your mark.

(this will undoubtedly be even emptier than the other threads in this wasteland... %-)
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in honor of the great illegal alien boycott

i'm boycotting mexicans tomorrow....

i'm also thinking of getting the phone numbers of the local
spanish language radio stations that are stirring this pot and
calling them to ask why they're on the air, instead of joining
the huelga..... that could be fun.

the only guy in his neighborhood with a Caucasian gardner %-)
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the natives are restless again.....

it seems that our Muslim brethren are in a tizzy over some Danes having had the audacity to A: depict Mohamed graphically. and B: not necessarily in a flattering manner.

said cartoons can be found here:

news story is on Yahoo today:

and they wonder why Muslim "civilization" (to use a term loosely) froze back in the middle ages.....

there is a fundamental conflict between our society and theirs, and it's not going to go away anytime soon.

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WTF? the full moon was last week....

but today is evidently stoopid story day in the news:

now, you can call me a reactionary red neck if you want, but i'm totally out of gas* for this kid and his family.

if his loving daddy had spent a fraction of this effort and attention on his kid, the little fucker wouldn't be cooling his heels in the big house.

in my mind, pops should be grateful his lil' darling wasn't smoked there in the 'stan, which sure as hell would have saved a shitload of my tax money.

(who's been out of *"give a shit" for years.... %-)
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is it just me?

or is there way too much protesting coming way too quickly out of the tribal areas of Pakistan the last few days?

that, coupled with the (audio only, hint, hint) tape purportedly from Seldom Seen Smith threatening us once again with dire disaster, but including a truce offer to "rebuild Iraq & Afghanistan" has me cautiously less pessimistic than usual.

the whole GWOT is by nature a long drawn out thing, but we might, to badly quote Churchill, have gotten close to the end of the beginning...

my suspicion is that we whacked several vital folks this time out, and that the cumulative efforts at attacking their leadership are reaching critical mass in their organization.

now is no time to let up, but rather to redouble our efforts and kill the bastards wherever we can find them.

(that's JMHO/ICBW..... %-)
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road rage hits home

i was serving as 2H6's Delta today, flogging the beater over to visit an old friend of hers.....

traveling through a suburb in the Valley made famous by Frank Zappa in the late 70's, we were mindlessly drifting down the middle lane in the sweltering heat (inside the ac equipped car) when i saw someone parked up ahead.

on Ventura Blvd the outside lane is parking optional in some places so the street goes from 3 lanes to 2 without much warning.... especially if you're a fucktard member of the hip-hop nation too busy being kewl to pay attention....

junior in the Element with the custom plate got jammed up in his lane 'cause the swarm just kept rolling, us included. i suppose i could have slamed on the brakes, got rear ended for my trouble and let him in, but i just don't w*rk that way. i saw it coming, he should have. i didn't speed up or slow down, i just held my place with everyone.

for whatever reason, he decided it was our fault. not sure how we got picked, but next thing i know, he's swerving back and forth around us, yelling, throwing things, and trying to get us to wreck.

first time i almost went along, but decided that i wasn't interested in hitting anyone else, especially in someone elses car.

he swerved at us again, after more invective (which we still couldn't hear what with the windows up and the ac & radio being on).

this time i didn't move an inch and junior hit us......

at about 5 mph. no glass, long agonizing skids or sudden stops. just his left rear vs our right front...... he thought it was funny. so funny, in fact, that he drove off.

we pulled across to the far side of the intersection we were at and parked. a lady stopped and said " i saw the whole thing, do you want a witness?" of course we would.... while getting her info, our genius came back by the other way, laughing some more, then disappeared.

we went on to our friend's house, and he remarked that the LAPD station was just up the road. we decided to make the report in person....

went up to the desk, talked to the cop, who sighed and pulled out the forms..... took the details, went out, looked @ the car, came back in, and then went to call a stupidvisor.....

he came back with a bigger sigh and more forms. seems they decided it wasn't just a hit and run but ADW with a vehicle.

took awhile for the system to grind it down, but we have a date with the City Atty in mid Sept to discuss prosecution. the insurance company is gonna fix it all with no deductible @ the shop we picked, and go after him for the cost.

moral of the story? for one, if'n yer gonna be an asshole you might *NOT* want to have an easy to remember custom plate.... %-)

another? fuck with the bull, you get the horn.
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